Shinman Group bv is specialised in program and project management in Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery, Gas units, Offshore and onshore installations development.

We offer a full range of project management consultancy capabilities and experience, and our comprehensive and effective project management system is flexible enough to accommodate small scale through to multi-billion dollar projects.

Our past performance demonstrates our comprehensive ability to deliver projects for customers facing a variety of challenges, including tight schedules, remote and logistically constrained sites and unique or innovative environmental or technological considerations.

Our extensive experience in managing small, middle and large projects means we have a good knowledge of engineering, procurement construction contractors around the world and their capabilities.

Our job start from early preparation of license processes, Basic Design Package, Concept phase , Feasibility phase, FEED phase , Detail Engineering phase, Construction Management, Commissioning and Start up.

We also provide Class 1 , Class 2, Class 3 Estimation with accuracy together with level 1 planning , level 2 , level 3 and level 4 planning