About Us

Shinman Group Holding has been established in 1988 as a broker of physical oil & gas and project management. We have developed our business in West European for financing and manageing projects as well as cargoes, barges and components.

About Us
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Project Management

Shinman Group bv is specialised in program and project management in Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery, Gas units, Offshore and onshore installations development.


In challenging economic times, some manufacturing companies are faced with difficult decisions regarding the location of their manufacturing facilities. Sometimes companies decide to consolidate facilities to reduce operational costs

Trading Products

The Shinman Group engages in the procurement, importation, exportation, and international trading of crude oil, LPG, petroleum, petrochemical products, coal, minerals as well as other speciality substances.


At Shinman Group, global experience and long-term relationships are the basis for our procurement strategy. Our wide understanding of international markets and our relationships with key suppliers allow us to provide the best materials and equipments services as well as Long Lead Items on time and within budget.