The conceptual phase is the initial phase of project and involves the intellectual process of developing of project from idea into a realistic and appropriate project design. This phase can be time-consuming, depending on the level of expertise of the project investigation. During this phase, time is spent for developing project on the topic of interest, continually refining and narrowing down the topic until a resolution on the gate-keeping  and purpose have been determined for the next stages.

The conceptual engineering project:

  • Overall project definition
  • Global project
  • Engineering project  + installations
  • Process and production machinery project
  • Product types – Annual production
  • Production processes
  • Basic and/or detailed project appraisal
  • Basic and/or detailed project planning
  • Offer of other services
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Risk Analysis
  • Indicative time frame with activities, resources, times and milestones