Shinman Group BV has been established in 1988 as a broker of physical oil & gas and project management. We have developed our business in West European for financing and manageing projects as well as cargoes, barges and components.

The customer base includes but is not limited to oil & gas majors, international projects, commodity traders, refining, petrochemicals, gas products, investment banks and fund operators. Further development has led to business in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and CIS-countries. Further growth was realized by expanding our active customer base in the enlarging barge, as well as program management and project management for assets.

We have increased our personnel and additionally began to project management and also broker OTC swaps, “tailor-made” in oil & gas products. We do a physical Fuel Oil swap & initiate physical distillates brokering. We also do re-industrialization by moving plants to different locations.

We have an outstanding expertise within the areas of our expertise and a passion for what we do. We take pride in assisting our customers in achieving their goals efficiently and adding value to their businesses. Our dedication to professionalism is a guarantee for our customers that they can achieve the best results.